If you write it, they will come: the lucrative, titillating and wildly strange business of self-published erotic fiction

Sometimes arousing, usually typo-filled, and almost always strange as hell, the burgeoning e-book revolution proves there’s big money in cheap thrills. But who’s writing it? Who’s reading it? And what’s with all the sexy dinosaurs?

*Almost all links decidedly NSFW, depending on where you work. 

When Virginia Wade’s daughter left home for college in 2010, the stay-at-home housewife decided to try her hand at a long-held interest – writing and self-publishing romantic fiction novels.

While Wade (not her real name) enjoyed the process – writing, editing and uploading her work to Kindle Direct – the novels themselves were not popular, with sales stalling in the single digits and attracting sometimes scathing reviews.

As despair set in, Wade’s husband proposed she try something in a similar vein to his current reading selection – a collection of short, kinky science fiction stories. While Wade had no interest in erotic space opera, the suggestion got her thinking: What if she tried her hand at more transgressive, camp subject matter?

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