Attention, Vision Leaders: Your hip office isn’t really hip

The day started like any other: Weetbix, the morning commute and an interview with a certain bright young thing at an Auckland startup’s office.

As the online guy for Idealog, I do a lot of interviews, most by phone, some in person. The face-to-face ones are always the best and the easiest to write: you get a better feel for a person when you’re there, face-to-face. You also get to check out the staff and the office digs too, which is great for adding a little colour to stories than can easily become bogged-down in the intangibilities of digi-tech.

So there I was, strutting in the door, getting pointed in the direction of my interviewee – some 25 year old go-getter who buys and sells people like me before breakfast – and thrusting out my hand, most professionally. He and I both smiled beatifically, power shook for a few seconds and introduced ourselves.

I gave my name, then described myself as a writer. He did the same, then described himself as a ‘visioneer’.

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